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marble dining sets

We have 407 products in our marble dining sets range...

We know marble has been used on worktops and floors for decades now, and what better way than to use it as a dining table? It's already stood the test of time so you can rest assured of its durability and timelessness. Marble dining tables ooze elegance, style and sophistication, so you'll be sure to be the talk among your friends by having a stunning marble dining table in your dining room or kitchen, in the sunlight they catch the light and make the table breathlessly beautiful. They might be slightly more expensive than a regular dining table but marble dining tables last a lot longer and are therefore worth it as they'll be around longer than any other table. Read more
19% off
View Tenore 180cm Marble Effect Dining Table With Verbier Chairs
47% off
View Tenore 220cm Marble Effect Dining Table With Alpine Chairs
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View Antonio 260cm White Marble Table With Talia Velvet Chairs - Grey- 6 Chairs
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