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Industrial style furniture

With striking looks, colours and materials the industrial look is stunning in any home. Let us help explain what it is and how you can achieve it.

What is industrial style furniture?

To sum up industrial style furniture in one word, it would be: versatile. It’s traditional meets 19th Century style, or traditional fused with the working industry of today and historical days, that gets inspiration from the rustic look of warehouses, factories, and industrial structures. The wood and metal combination style furniture has been around for decades and probably now, more than ever, it seems to be really taking a surge forward into our homes.

It comprises stripped-back architectural elements such as wood, metal, bare bricks, and recycled materials. The furnishings used in this type of décor are long-lasting and are often obtained from reclaimed yards.
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Industrial dining tables:

Versatility is such a key word with the industrial style, it’s an adaptable style, to suit any room of your home with the blend of metal and wood working well together, like toast and jam. When renovating your room to be of this style, feel free to mix more metal into the overall look and feel of your living room; the combination of tables mixed with metal lightshades, or metal shelving units would really set your dining table off, whether it was placed in the centre or your room or to the side, with dining chairs with metal legs would also add to the whole style too without being too overpowering. Read more ›
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Industrial style lighting:

If you don’t want to go too full on with this style, then a fantastic way of just getting a hint of it in to your home would be to simply hang an ornate piece of industrial lighting into a room, for instance you could hang a gold, black and wood light in the hallway for instant industrial prowess as soon as you walk into the room, making the light itself the focal point. Industrial style lighting is synonymous with today’s times as more and more people are clamouring to have it in their homes for it’s economical status of recycled parts. Read more ›

Industrial style mirrors:

The industrial look can cohabit with the modern, contemporary style to bring that raw edge to a crisp lined room. It’s about bringing in a part of industry into your homes, as well as the stripped back look, it’s about working it in your everyday lives, and to do this is easy by purchasing an industrial style mirror. Paired with a complete black and white modern room for a twist or paired with a bare red brick wall for a truly fused modern look. These mirrors are a relatively inexpensive purchase for such an updated look. Read more ›

Industrial style shelving:

The great thing about industrial style shelving is that it’s just such a raw style, the black metal and merged wood is about bringing outside in, about forming a bond with your inner worker and embracing new modern life. You can simply add a standalone piece of metal shelving, or a metal shelf attached to the wall, in any room in your home and straight away your room is transformed. That’s how great a style it is, it will continue to be extremely popular and for an even longer time, along with the piece you’ve purchased, so make sure it’s right for you. Read more ›

What Is Industrial Style Furniture And How Can You Achieve The Look?

Let's delve into what makes the industrial furniture scene great!
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Industrial style furniture is a type of home décor that gets inspiration from the rustic look of warehouses, factories, and industrial structures. It comprises stripped-back architectural elements such as oak, metal, bare bricks, and recycled materials. The furnishings used in this type of décor are long-lasting and are often obtained from reclaimed yards.

The best thing about this type of décor is that it allows you to customize your own home’s look. You will also use unique furniture and décor that make your home appealing and beautiful.

What makes industrial style furniture so popular?

Typically, industrial style furniture involves coarse structures, lots of metal, wood, and smooth surfaces. The furniture created looks as if it came from an outdated factory, and it is usually simple and straightforward. The metal used to make the furniture is mostly black and slightly rusted. Also, smooth leather, mostly in dark shades, is used in this type of furniture. This uniqueness is what makes industrial style furniture very popular.

Is industrial style modern or rustic?

Industrial style furniture is a symbol of how traditional style meets modern décor. When combining the two styles, you will be looking for clean shapes and lines. The industrial style uses untreated wood, bare bricks, and metal, while the modern style uses monochrome colors and fiber glasses. These two styles come together to create a unique style that appreciates both history and modern style.

How can you get the industrial look?

If you would like to create this look in your home, the following key elements should help you on your way...

  1. Materials
    When looking to create an industrial look, do not use plush fabrics, go for hardwearing materials and use second-hand furniture. The furniture may be made of wood, iron, steel, copper, tin, or stone. These materials are the best to create an industrial look. For a finished, natural look, use distressed metal, stone countertops, wooden floors, and bare steel beams. All these elements combined give you a unique and very appealing modern industrial look. Why not start by checking out these ranges of oak dining tables.

  2. Colors
    Monochrome colors are the best choice for industrial home décor. Look for neutral palettes of dark colors or pure white. Combine the dark tones with moody colors but make them vibrant. Also, make sure you bring in your personality to make the décor have a personal feel.

  3. Accessories
    This style of décor does not need many accessories so, limit the use of accessories as much as you can. Keep all the surfaces clutter-free and clear, and look for furnishings and accessories that go back in history but remain contemporary. Also, go for abstract wall art and metal or wood accessories obtained from a reclamation yard. Do not cover natural materials such as bare bricks and any other decorative elements. View all our furniture accessories.

  4. Silhouettes
    Usually, the shapes used for this type of décor consist of square lines and bock shapes that promote utilitarian cohesiveness. Combine these silhouettes with abstract shapes and organic curves but use less abstract and organic shapes and more of the blocky shapes. This will give your home a typical industrial feel.

  5. Minimalist
    The vintage industrial style look requires minimal details to give the home a factory-like setting. It involves uncovering the mask and showing the real underneath. As much as you want to have the ultimate warehouse feel, you should use as little details as possible. Look for ways to de-clutter and keep the countertops bare. Look for large wooden or metal storage shelving units that will keep all your belongings. The shelving unit will create a great aesthetic appeal and keep your items in one place.

How can you make an industrial style living room?

When designing this type of living room, comfort should be the main factor. However, you should use little detail and trim of excess accessories. Use furnishings with simple designs and unique solid upholstery. Also, go for neutral colors and natural textures to get the best look.

The following tips will help you achieve your perfect living room.

  1. Use neutral colors
    Usually, industrial style homes use bold hues for small details, while neutral tones are used in a larger part of the room. A combination of neutral tones is used to create a radiant and minimalist look. Dark tones and moody colors combined with white are the best to use as they make the room calm and relaxing.

  2. Open plans
    An open-plan design is the best for creating an industrial style living room. The room should be spacious but not overwhelmingly large, as it may be difficult to decorate. So, break up space by arranging furniture in groupings but make sure you leave enough room to walk around.

  3. Use wood and metal
    Mixing old and new materials will give you the ultimate industrial look. Combine different types of metal and wood to make the space unique. Also, use vintage wood and steel accessories to create contrast.

  4. Lighting is key
    Industrial style lighting comprises lamps and pendants that look outdated. The pendants are usually low hanging and covered with wide shades to give the room enough but not excessive light. Multi-directional floor lamps are also a great addition to an industrial-style living room.

  5. Polished concrete flooring or wooden floors
    Wooden floors and polished concrete floors will give your living room a simple modern-rustic look. Wooden floors, however, tend to be more expensive to buy and install compared to concrete. So, you should choose one of these options depending on your preferences and budget. For wooden flooring, distressed wood is the best option as it makes the room have a historic feel. Combining the right accessories and neutral colors will give your home a very appealing modern-rustic look.

  6. Exposed pipes
    While modern homes hide their ducts and pipes, industrial-style décor exposes them, just like in factories. So, if you want to make your living room feel more industrial-inspired, highlight the exposed pipes.


Industrial style décor takes many forms and results in stunning and unique creations. If you are torn between modernity and history, you can marry the two and create your own unique industrial style home. Why not check out these produects to help you get the look? View oak dining tables and furniture accessories.

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