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Extending coffee tables

We have 20 products in our Extending coffee tables range...

We have lots to offer you in our range of extending coffee tables, all in varying materials that are durable and robust enough to stand the test of time. These convertible coffee tables are a great focal point in any living or dining room; as they're completely unique as well as being totally functional at the same time. Some of our range also extend from a coffee table to a full sized dining table, which makes them wonderfully cost-effective as you don't need to buy two tables. We think you're sure to find an extending coffee table that you'll love as we have options that cover the stylish and contemporary modern home, to the more traditional style of furnishing. They might be slightly more expensive than your standard coffee table but that is simply because of their extending capabilities, giving you in some cases, two tables for the price of one. All you'll need to worry about is which coffee to have! Read more
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