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Square coffee tables

We have 2,500 products that match your search of 'square coffee tables'.

When you consider that square coffee tables work well in almost any living room, it's easy to see why they are the 'go to' choice for many homeowners. Not only are these tables practical and functional, but they also bring organisation and symmetry into the room. We have a seemingly endless range of square coffee tables for you to choose from, spanning from those that are simple to those that really stand out. Whether you want a traditional table or a contemporary table for your home, you will find exactly what you're looking for with us.

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Metric 2 nesting tables square in white high gloss
Chairs: 2
Colour: White
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Bailee Oak Nesting Coffee Tables
Colour: Oak
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The ultimate square coffee table buying guide...

Let's delve into what makes the perfect coffee table!
5 min read - Published by

Does your living room seem to be a bit lacking? Need a bit of sprucing up? Why not try a square coffee table as they are the perfect furniture choice for any living room. They're brilliant to be seen as a divide from your settee, a kind of visual retreat for your eyes to wander to a separate section of your room. But they are also functional and with lots more on the market now, very aesthetically pleasing.

The trick to matching the correct one to your room is to choose a square coffee table that is two-thirds the length of your sofa, you're living room will then look balanced. Square coffee tables are not just a style choice, they're a design choice. The question is, do you want your square coffee table to shine and stand proud? Or to hide in the shadows? industrial style décor

Coffee tables sizes:

In terms of which height should you go for, then you need to look at what it will be used for most first; will it be an extension to your dining room table and used for eating? Or will you put your feet on it? If it's the latter then go for a square coffee table that is slightly lower than your settee, if it's for eating then you need the height to be slightly higher than your settee.

When it comes to choosing the right size square coffee table, the question you should be asking yourself is 'Should I go with a large or small square coffee table?' - that's the debatable question but it all comes down to have much space you have in your living room or snug. You must choose carefully however when it comes to choosing the correct size; too big and your settee will look out of place, too small and your table will look pointless. Don't forget there's always the option of bunching or nesting tables which are a great space-saving solution and offer more practical options as and when the need arises. Let's look at the pro's and con's of square coffee tables.

  1. Large square coffee tables:

    • You make a high impact statement with a single piece of furniture as soon as you walk into your living room
    • They're spacious so it's practical for placing your books, remote controls, as well as your evening meal or even a plant or two
    • Great use of storage space if you buy one with shelves, drawers or a lid on

    • They can take up too much floor space.
    • They may get in the way if you have a busy household.
    • Could be seen as dangerous with their sharp corners, especially if small children are around.
    • They can't easily be swapped about into different rooms.
    • Can take longer to clean.
  2. Small square coffee tables:

    • Are a great size if you struggle for space.
    • Easy to clean due to their smallness.
    • Can easily be moved around the room or carried to a different room.
    • Good use of storage space if you buy one with a cupboard or lid built in.

    • The surface area may be too small to place anything on.
    • You don't create such an impact in the room with small coffee tables.
    • They can look out of place in the middle of the room if you struggle with floor space but have a long settee.
    • Can become an obstacle for young children.
    • Can be expensive for the size.

Popular material choices:

When it comes to which material to go for in a square coffee table, you first need to decide who will be using it; will it be children using it for colouring or pets jumping up? If so, then go for a robust, hard wearing material such as wood, marble or stone - that way when any dents, scratches or other imperfections appear it will look natural and not obvious. If entertaining is its primary use then you can opt for more aesthetic rather than material choice, which there are loads of options of. If you're looking for a combination of entertaining and practicality then why not combine materials, such as metal and wood.

  1. Square metal coffee tables:

    • Would fit perfectly within most style décor, especially industrial or shabby chic.
    • Is robust and hardwearing so they would certainly be cost effective.
    • Some use reclaimed timber so they are good for the environment.

    • Can create quite harsh lines within your room.
    • Could be seen as too sharp edges, especially those with small children.
    • Can be cold to touch.
    • Can be hard to keep clean.
  2. Square glass coffee table:

    • You can see straight through if you have any items below on a shelf.
    • Would reflect light beautifully on a sunny day.
    • Because of the reflections in the glass it can make your room appear bigger.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Because of its transparent nature, it can blend right in to any interior.

    • They could potentially be dangerous if the glass smashes.
    • Can be cold to touch.
  3. Oak square coffee tables:

    • Create a warming atmosphere cause of their colour.
    • Can display a traditional or modern embrace.
    • Made of sturdy material.
    • Easy to maintain.
    • A wood's grain can hide imperfections.

    • Can appear to be too chunky for small spaces.
    • Can mark and scratch easily if not looked after.

What's your colour choice?

Square coffee tables come in all sorts of available colours, but black, white and oak are the most popular colour choice. In terms of colours and your coffee table you need to think if you want a contrast in your living room or a blend or to make a statement. If your sofa is cream, white or ivory then you could make a statement and a contrast by purchasing a black coffee table; to either stand out against the pale and be an anchor point for the rest of your furniture or as an introduction to industrial style. Having an oak square coffee table is a generally traditional look and would suit other wood or oak furniture within your room which would tie it all together. A white square coffee table would open up the centre of your room because of its light colour, which can work with either a dark or light sofa.

  1. Black:

    • Is a timeless colour and would always be on trend.
    • Comes in a host of different materials.
    • Comes in a host of mixed materials too.
    • Can give off a luxury feel to a room.

    • Black gloss especially would show fingerprints and paw prints.
    • Could make a room appear smaller than what it is if bought as a large coffee table.
  2. White:

    • Creates the illusion of space because of the lightness.
    • Is a timeless colour and would always be on trend.
    • Comes in a host of different materials.
    • Can give off a luxury feel to a room.

    • Would easily show stains and spills.
    • Would be hard to maintain.
  3. Oak:

    • Provides a beautiful warmth to any room.
    • Cost effective as will last.
    • Can withstand high temperatures and spills.

    • Can appear as a dated material and potentially look old fashioned.

Some popular questions about coffee tables...

How big should a square coffee table be?

It's all about finding the right size, all about balance, you should aim for your square coffee table to be about two-thirds the length of your settee. So, if your settee is 1500cm, then search for a coffee table that is 1000cm.

What can I do with a square coffee table?

The beauty of a coffee table is that it's a versatile feature, the square can act as a quadrant and therefore placing magazines or books on the table can be positioned into any quarter of the table, you can add a vase with flowers to attract visual connection or you can keep it simple and pop your remotes and coasters on there, or even your evening meal.

Should a coffee table be round or square?

This is purely down to the space you have available for it to go in and whether you have a personal preference of round and curves, or square and angles? Also factor in if you have small children as sharp edges could hurt if walked into, while curves add illusion of space and flow.

What's trending in coffee tables 2022?

The go-to design style of 2022 for coffee tables would have to be all about layering; nesting tables together whilst being multi-functional and with a hint of mixed materials. That's 2022.