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Revo anniversary memory form regular double mattress

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Price: £839.95
It's £839.95 (finance options may be available), so what do we think of it...

From the mattress category:
Revo Foam is the 4th Generation in foam technology. It is the successor of the UKs current favourite, memory foam. While memory foam is very comfortable, it had its limitations with heat & air circulation. Advances have been made to combat this issue such as cooling fabrics, Lay Gel foams however Revo pushes further for better results. FEATURES : Material : Memory Foam Finish : White 2. 5cm Revo Vasco Cooling Foam 2. 5cm Revo Comfort Foam 19cm Revo Support Foam Overall depth 25cm Revo is the 4th Generation in foam technology with revolutionary Cool Sleep Concept Dissipates heat away from the body, contributing to a cooler sounder sleep More breathable, giving you 30 times greater airflow than a premium memory mattress High resilient, durable high-density foam with optimum comfort and support Removable cover (Washable at 40 degrees) Non-Turn Mattress Dispatched vacuum packed and rolled Available at an affordable price Images shown are for illustration purpose only DIMENSIONS : Mattress Size : Double Mattress

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