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Stunning marble dining table and chair sets

You'll soon be sitting at your own striking marble dining table in no time, with our easy-to-use filters to help you discover the perfect colour, shape and size.

Let us give you some ideas on choosing marble dining tables:

Have you been considering marble as your new dining table? If you're looking for that perfect marble dining table at a competitive price then you're in the right place, we have an enormous amount of marble dining tables on offer, at very attractive prices and suitable for all budgets.

As marble has always been seen as a luxury statement that oozes sophistication, elegance and grace, so marble as a dining table therefore would be a great addition to your dining room; it's been used for worktops in kitchens as well as flooring for years now, so we already know that marble is a fantastic lifelong buy. Whilst it may be slightly more expensive than the traditional oak or painted options that we generally migrate to, we definitely know marble is fully worth the investment as they last over a very long period of time and it's an extremely durable material.

If we can utilise marble for flooring and kitchen worktops, then a marble dining table is a definite must! Why not browse our wide range of marble dining table sets in our dining room section. Be inspired by our massive ranges in-stock and a good tip is to use the handy filters to help you narrow down the results, making finding that perfect marble dining table set, even easier!

Small & round tables are a popular choice:

With four very different choices, click on a option to help you choose which one is right for you.

Small marble dining table sets

Looking for that small statement piece to finish off your dining room? You've found it!
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Round marble dining table sets

Chic, stylish and space saving? What's not to love about our round marble dining tables!
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Marble dining table and 4 chairs

Our four seater marble dining table and chairs are a fantastic buy!
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Marble dining table and 6 chairs

Make an impact on your friends and family with our spacious six seater marble dining table set, they'll be wanting their own!
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Round marble dining tables:

Round table sets to gather around. Which will you choose?
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What to think about when you are buying an marble dining table:

Marble dining tables can be costly though, so make sure you have all the information you need before you invest, we've looked into the pros and cons of owning your own marble dining table. So, how will I know if a marble dining table is right for me?

Benefits of marble:


If you desire a luxurious shine that is absolutely spectacular, then marble is the answer, you can achieve this by polishing your marble table as the more you polish it, the more the natural stone will gleam, which will ensure that your dining table oozes glamour and sophistication in the heart of your dining room.


If you're looking for a magnificent centrepiece for your dining room then you would not be underwhelmed with a marble dining table, they bring an impression of elegance and style to any dining room that is simply of a breath-taking appearance. Marble dining tables are free from any chemical processes, which therefore makes the natural stone environmentally friendly too.


Marble is a natural stone, it's 100% pure marble, no other element has been added, which makes its beautiful patterns in its surface truly unique and dazzling.

Negatives of marble:


Their stately look also comes with a hefty price tag attached, as marble is considered to be the creme dela créme of natural stone and therefore is well sought after, combined with the polishing and re-sealing of a marble dining table it all adds to its already lavish price.


It's also worth weighing up whether you have a busy life, or a family of young children, as marble dining tables would not be suitable for these types of people, as simple every day spillages such as orange juice, coffee or ketchup will damage the natural beauty of the marble; to avoid staining they should be wiped clean with a damp cloth and dried straight away.


nother con to owning a marble dining table is that you must ensure your table is sealed and polished regularly throughout the year, otherwise it's susceptible to scratches and chips which will in turn lose its appeal of dazzling beauty.

Just one more thing... Marble dining tables are of a unique design, a solid piece of structure and material, so they're functionality are second to none, as well as looking the part in your dining room, it is worth bearing in mind that if you have very small children who are at the age of running around, it will hurt if they crash into it. All in all, though, if you're looking for that special piece of dining room furniture that will be the talk of your meals, or that will turn your mundane dining room into a luxurious place for you to enjoy your evening of entertaining, and that will last for years to come, then a marble dining table set may just be the hidden gem you've been searching for!

Black marble dining table sets:

Perfect colour for any dining room. Which will you choose?
19% off
View Simone Trinket Mirror
Simone Trinket Mirror
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View Amara Grey Velvet 2 Seater Sofa
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How should I look after my new marble dining table?

It would be a shame for you to invest with a marble dining table only for it to be not looked after properly, follow this simple guide and you'll ensure your marble dining table dazzles and lasts for years and years to come!

Overall, they're fairly simple to maintain, as long as it's sealed and polished regularly; just use a soft sponge or cloth with hot water for daily cleaning and once a week use a good quality marble stone cleaner to wipe it down with. However, to make sure you avoid damage to this naturally beautiful stone ensure you dry your marble dining table completely, every time you clean it, as regular exposure to moisture will damage its exquisite condition.

With its exceptional beauty, marble would be a stunning centrepiece for your dining room, to create a contemporary look or a traditional and timeless feel, as when the sun shines through the window your table will be truly awe-inspiring, then you'll know it's definitely been worth the effort you put in to maintain your striking marble dining table!

White marble dining table sets:

White goes with everyhing! Which will you choose?
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