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Industrial dining tables

We have 25 products in our Industrial dining tables range...

Why not be totally different and go down the industrial style route of completing your dining room interior? We have plenty of industrial dining table sets, to seat from four people, or up to six diners. Enhance your dining room style with these unique sets, comprising a contemporary feel with their steel legs combined with traditional material. Our sets also consist of matching benches, or chairs, or a combination of both, and many in contemporary coloured upholstery to suit any dining room style, while the benches match the legs of the table beautifully. Merging both of these fantastic materials offers modern and robustness together in one single dining table, giving you the option to match your room to either the contemporary look or industrial feel you desire. You'll be stuck as to which decor to choose to complement your table, but whichever you do choose, we're sure your new dining table will certainly steel the show! Read more
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