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nest of tables

We have 750 products in our nest of tables range...

Why not add a nest of tables to your living room? They're a fantastic space-saving solution even if you don't need the extra space, as they're handy for when you have guests and need that extra table for refreshments and snacks, but then easily slotted back into place once they're finished with. They're there when you need them, if you receive a unexpected bunch of flowers and you need a space to put your vase on, or if you want a place to put your cup of tea down whilst you go and answer the door, they're such a versatile piece of living room furniture you'll wonder how you have managed without a nest of tables for so long! Then simply piece them all together when you've finished with them. There is so much choice, from oak to painted wood we offer a wide variety of options and in different colours too to suit all styles of living room decor. Read more
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